About & Contact

Hi, my name is Alice and I’m the maker behind Golden Datura. I’ve always had a real passion for exploring things since a young age (that might be because of my name!) and this trait applied to creative outlets, places and experiences.

I come from a mixed family so I never felt like I belonged 100% to a place and this is what made me travel many countries around the globe, where I picked up different crafts and styles to create my personal one which Golden Datura today.

In 2014 during one of my trips to South America I happily got pregnant with my beautiful son Lenny, but by the time I came back to Europe I lost my catering job in London. At that point what was a side income/hobby had to become a priority and that gave me the real motivation to integrate crafts into my everyday life.

I am now settled down in the beautiful land of Avalon, Somerset, where I create from my own studio, surrounded by the most luscious British countryside which inspires me day by day.

I also find my inspiration in crystals, sacred geometry, the natural and the super natural and I aim to bring this into my creations. A little add on to your everyday style that makes you unique. Also a reminder that you are the manifestation of your own thoughts!

​Special credits to model China:  www.chinabluefish.com