Macrame supplies



Hey, it's me, Alice. As a true Gemini I've always been drawn to anything creative and crafty, from sewing to leather, but my first true love was probably Micro Macrame jewellery.
I started learning Macrame myself back in 2012 and what was a passion became progressively a profession. As orders started coming in, I was able to leave my catering job in London and start my own business.

Initially I have to admit I couldn't bring myself to charge a lot for my creations so I used to cut corners on materials. Not much later I then realised that my customers would buy handmade jewellery for very specific reasons, one of them being the wish it would last them a lifetime.
I've then been on the lookout for the best quality materials myself since and I'm hoping I can offer this to other makers and creatives that purchase from my shop.

When I started running macrame workshop I would always recommend good quality, sturdy waxed cord and solid metal findings (No one wants to see their handmade jewellery turning rusty!) so I started selling Linhasita cord and raw indian brass charms and beads.

My supply shop can be found here -------->