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Faceted star Sapphire and Pine twig necklace

Faceted star Sapphire and Pine twig necklace

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Real Pine tree twig and mini pinecone pendant necklace with star sapphire.
Please note this necklace is at a discounted price as the stone has been lacquered with resin due to a small crack

Pendant measurements: 6x4 cm. Paperclip chain length 44 cm.
This is a ready to ship, one of a kind item and you will receive the exact design pictured.

This piece has been executed with the electroforming technique, which allows 100% pure copper to be transferred on any surface, organic or not, allowing the creation of incredibly unique jewellery pieces.
Copper has been used in jewellery for centuries and it's considered beneficial for the wearer.
As a conductor of energy it also channels and amplifies metaphysical properties of the crystal it carries.

Properties of Star Ruby:
Similar to star rubies and star garnets, less than 5 percent of garnets display a star or aphorism. Star Ruby promotes the spiritual connection of its carrier with the spirits of the universe. Further, it opens up the physic vision of its carrier through deep meditation to assist him to get associated with his spirit guide. 
Star Ruby is also reviewed to bring light on the bends and bits of its carrier’s life to aid in the path to happiness.

About me and the shop.
Every piece is created with love and care by myself, Alice. I work with the support of a few assistants, running a very small home business. I proudly handle most of the aspects of the work here and I'm forever grateful for being able to unleash my creativity at the base of it.
Thank you for supporting a small business, in return you will receive personally curated customer care and bespoke pieces.

My packaging is proudly 100% plastic free.

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